A Letter to My Future Self

Hi! How are you today? You wrote this letter years ago when you were 20 years old young. How old are you now? You changed a lot and you are now prettier than before. That is something you should smile about. Do you have a pet now? I remember that you always wanted a cat. I hope you get one and able to take pictures with your super cute cat. More than that, I want to ask more about your life now. Did you pay your bills? I know your wallet hurts with the bills but be thankful about that. It means that you help your parents and started giving back to them. I also wanted to congratulate you for making this far in your life. Always remember that you are an inspiration so continue doing good. PS. Don’t color your hair with green.

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The 20 year old me

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Online Advertising

Advertising is essential for any successful business – but only if it is done effectively. Although it takes time and money to create, a good advertising campaign will bring in more money than any other single action your business undertakes, by familiarizing more people with your product or service, increasing sales and fostering brand loyalty. 


E-commerce is also considerably fast and means that the business will be more efficient. Furthermore, saves costs, as the business does not have the costs associated with running the business. They do not have to pay for such things as lighting, electricity, and fittings. With ecommerce the user has the ability to search for their product without having to look around shops in a time consuming manner. In fact the information is at their finger tips and can be accessed within…


Zungle Panther sunglasses uses bone-conduction technology to deliver the music you love while eliminating tangly wires and the dangerous element of noise-blocking earphones.

Internet Security – Protect Yourself Online

Protect Yourself Online
by R. Heredia

Going online
Constantly checking notification
Clicking links without caution
They already know your location

Living in a social world is now the norm
It seems you can’t get out this platform
With positive impact that inspires us
With negative impact that destroys us
How can we escape?

You think you are being hacked
And you think you can’t get back
That is an insane attack
How can this be stopped?

I tell you a conclusion
That this problem has a solution
Protect yourself online
So you won’t left your account behind

If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked. — Richard Clarke

Virtual Reality in Medical Fields


There are different fields that VR can be useful just like in entertainment, art and design, gaming, education and simulation, tourism and exploration, psychology and meditation, real estate and shopping and social and telepresence. The latest trend and always trend that VR can be used is in gaming. I am more interested in where VR can be used in medical field. I read an article where VR can help women cope with childbirth. Her name is Martucci. Martucci is believed to be the first woman to use Virtual Reality for pain management during labor. VR might offer another drug-free pain option during birth.

Some hospitals and doctors have begun to use VR to train surgeons before they operate on real patients. I hope VR would be less expensive so many people can use and benefit it.


Virtual reality is the ‘ultimate empathy machine.’ These experiences are more than documentaries. They’re opportunities to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. -Chris Milk


The group 3 reporters provided information that we exactly want to know during the discussion. However, the question and answer part was confusing. The question was clear but the answer was confusing. The answer was a bit irrelevant to the questions. They still did a good job. 👍


What is your real name?

I wish my parents think a name that would fit for the generation today. My friends call me Alma and my almost friends call me with my real name 😡

What are your hobbies?

I love cooking a lot. I also love editing photos and illustrations. I consider studying spanish as my hobby too. I’m doing it in my most boring hour of my life. Hola a todos! Encantada de conocerte. (just a sample of how good I am ✌ )

How is your college life?

I didn’t graduate on time but I’m working hard to finish my studies. 

What is your favorite video game?

DOTA. I play as the carry. (carry the ward lol)



Ayaw pangayo ug salad
Kana ilahang salad inahap rana, swertihan nalang kung tuknulan gyd ka ug salad.

☑ Hinay lang ug kaon
Ayaw kaayu pahalata. Usapa ug tarung ang bola bola ug humba. Esturya esturya pud
sa imo kauban kaon para dili kaayo mailhan kung kapila naka naghukad.

☑ Ayaw sige ug dili-dili
Ayaw paghuwat ug dili naka tawgun. Una palang tawag nimo adtu na dayon.
Kung ikaw ra ge imbita, ayaw kaayu palabi ug dala ug daghan kauban.

☑ Sakto lang kuhaa
Pagkuha lang ug rice ug sud an na mahurot na nimo.

☑ Ayaw kalimti ang putos
Dawata kung naay ipadala na sud an pero kung wala, pagpasalamat gihapon kay nakakaon ka.

Naa koy nakalimtan na tips? E comment lang ☟

See Green, See Life!

Just feeling creative today
This might sounds familiar to you


photo from digital trend staff

Nintendo Entertainment System is worth to buy. The price surely doesn’t cost a fortune (although I can’t afford itシ). I like the old fashion gameplay that this NES has.


Group 2 reporters did their best, especially during the question and answer. They studied their reports well and provide more information. The game was fun. The volunteers were hilarious and most of them know the answer by the help of their groupmates. It was worth listening discussion from Group 2. Rate – 5.