ICT Trends

The Easiest Way to Find Your Things.


Everyone needs a hand to find their stuff. Tile can help.

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Professional 3D Printing


The Ultimaker 3 – Professional 3D Printing.

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Behind Closed Doors is August Smart Locker


This is the new solution for the people who always loses his key. August product offers more than securing a copy of keys.

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Online Advertising

Advertising is essential for any successful business – but only if it is done effectively. Although it takes time and money to create, a good advertising campaign will bring in more money than any other single action your business undertakes, by familiarizing more people with your product or service, increasing sales and fostering brand loyalty.

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Poem To Ponder

This poem is about internet security and how someone can easily access their security.

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Poem To Ponder

This poem is about our mother earth message to humanity. A reminder that we only have one planet to live.

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An Apple Watch a Day Keeps Your Procrastination Away

Who would not want an Apple Watch?

There are many features that apple watch has but this features can keep you motivated in your goal. While it is on your wrist, you will be notified of what needs to be done in your daily life.

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ICT Trends Update

This is my journal of my ICT Trends class. This is where I will share my insights about the trends that are also shared by my classmates. The topics that I will be sharing with you are IT Careers and the Global IT Talent, Green Computing, Information Security: Threats and Trends, Online Advertising and E-commerce, Social Networking and it’s Future, Business Outsourcing, Wireless and Mobile Computing and ICT4D. If you are interested in this topics, don’t forget to follow my blog.

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